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Tuesday Morning!

Small ESE wind swell!! Adios! 


Tuesday Morning!

Good Morning! Small ESE wind swell. Long-Boardable! Adios! 


Tuesday Morning!

Good Morning! Ankle to Knee High plus ESE wind swell! Low Tidey and Long-Boardable with some Man-O-War. Later??? Go Surfing!!! Adios! 


Shaping Experience with Markus!

when his parents got Markus a surprise Shaping Experience he was totally stoked! I mean- what else would you want for your 21st birthday???  


Friday Morning!

Good Morning! More ESE wind swell! Knee to Thigh with an occasional Waist High set. It’s Fish-Able! Go! ESE winds at 10-15+ and a Low Tide around 10:50 AM. Keep Praying!!! Adios! 













Wednesday Morning! 

Good Morning South Florida! Plenty of ENE wind swell on tap! Waist to Chest with some Head High plus sets! Bit of a paddle. ENE winds at 20-25+ with a Low Tide around 1:30 PM. Got Wax??? Maybe a Jellyfish or two! Better later? Tomorrow?? Into next week??? We’ll see! Keep Praying!!! Adiós! 


Saturday Morning!

Good Morning! More Ankle High plus North swell trace. Barely Long-Boadable for now. Just drive up North somewhere! Duh! NW winds at 5-10+ with a High Tide around 1:20 PM. Tomorrow? Tropics?? We’ll see! Keep Praying!!! Adios! 


Friday Morning!

Good Morning! Ankle High plus shore break. High tide at 8 AM. Basically unrideable. Wind is off shore at 2-3. Beautiful morning. Up coast? Adios!


Tuesday Morning

Good Morning! Less than Ankle High shore break. Winds SE at 10. Low tide at 11:26. Adios!


Thursday Morning

Good Morning! No wind Ankle high shore break. Tomorrow? Time for a new board?


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