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Mark’s New “Core-Fish”!

Mark is Super Stoked with his new 6’0″ custom epoxy “Core-Fish” with Futures Fins quad set up and custom art! Thanks Mark!!! 


Serah’s New “Watermelon” Board!

Serah was part of her new board every step of the way. Epoxy, Futures Fins and Custom color too! She can’t wait to try it! Thank You Serah! 


Merrick’s New Zebra-Zinger Bonzer! 

Merrick has his needs- and we like to meet them with this 7’1″ Poly “Zebra-Zinger” 8 fin Bonzer. High gloss finish with custom color really make it Amazing! Thanks Merrick! Adios! 


Polished Rail “Mini-Miracle”!

Spmething different that we like was just polishing the rails on this 6’0″ Epoxy “Mini-Miracle” Model. It’s a fun small to medium wave tool to get the job done. Available in the size and color that’s just right for you! Adios! 


Ted’s New Boards!

Ted just came by with his wife Laura to pick up his two new boards an he can’t wait to try them out! He’s especially excited about his new 6’0″ Epoxy “Mini-Miracle” Model with quad FCS fins and a longboard box. Lots of Fun! Thanks Ted! Adios! 


Anna’s New Epoxy  ”Commander Squared”!

Anna is so stoked with her new board! It’s a 5’6″ Epoxy “Commander Squared” with a square tail, custom color and FCS Fins. Thanks Anna! Enjoy! Adios! 


Phil’s New 9’0″ “Miracle Model”!

Phil came by with his son Zach to pick up his new 9’0″ Bird “Miracle Model” with grey pigment and pin lines. Thanks Phil! Order yours today! Adios!  


Tara’s New 8’2″ “Starfish”!

Tara picked up her new Cave Deck Miracle Model and I think it was worth the wait! Order your custom Bird Surfboard today! Adios!








Captain Lu’s New Beauty!

Captain Lu pulled out all the stops with his new longboard. Balsa/cedar stringer, custom color, amazing Pinline and tailblock! Call about your custom board today! Adios!









  • Shazam!

    09/02/16 12:32 pm Jack picked up his new "Shazam!" Model. Stoked! 5'10" x 22.25" x 2.8" epoxy. More Foam- more Float- more Fun!                    ...more

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