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Jack picked up his new “Shazam!” Model. Stoked! 5’10″ x 22.25″ x 2.8″ epoxy. More Foam- more Float- more Fun!  







 Thanks Jack!

Renzo and his New Board!

Renzo left happy and ready to buy his ticket to Costa Rica! She’s a 6’4″ epoxy Chimera with Futures Fins. Pray for Surf!!! Adios! 


Raphael’s New “Chimera”!

Raphael is frothing to try out his new epoxy “Chimera” this summer! He’s headed up to the NE for the season and wanted more float, fun, paddle ability and durably. Plus- She just looks good! Thanks Raphael!!! 


Andrew’s New Green Machine!

Andrew was So Stoked to pick up hi new 9’2″ Epoxy “Miracle Model” in Green! Thanks Andrew!!!  


Todd’s New Chimera!

Todd is really excited about his new 6’0″ epoxy Chimera shortboard with Futures Fins and custom color. Thanks Todd! 


Baywatch Movie Boards!

The Team really stepped up to the plate when it came to producing the boards for the Baywatch movie that was filmed locally. Thanks Crew!!! 


Arthur’s New Board!

Christmas came late this year- but it still came! Arthur picked up his new 9’0″ epoxy longboard with custom purple pigment color. Thanks Arthur! 


Jeff’s New “Miracle Model”‘

Jeff was stoked to pick up his custom  





 color Miracle Model! It’s 9’0″ with FCS side bite fins. Thanks Jeff!

Attack of the Groms!!!

Christmas boards for the Boys! Reef and Nick picked up their New Epoxy Grom boards on the day before Christmas!!! They are Sooooooo Stoked!!! Thanks Guys!!! Merry Christmas!!! Adios! 


Bird Surfboards BBQ & Board Swap with Surfing Santas!!!

Please join us Saturday, December the 19th for a day of Fun!!! Surfing Santas starts at 9:00 AM on the North side of the Deerfield Beach Pier- then over to the Bird Surfboard Factory for a BBQ and Board Swap! Free food and refreshments!!! 954-943-2473 


  • Shazam!

    09/02/16 12:32 pm Jack picked up his new "Shazam!" Model. Stoked! 5'10" x 22.25" x 2.8" epoxy. More Foam- more Float- more Fun!                    ...more

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